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2014-12-09Fix bug where configuration object UID was modified on object update (#4051)Aleksander Machniak1-3/+3
2014-12-05Fix Content-Type of configuration objects (#4029)Aleksander Machniak1-3/+3
2014-11-12Fix reading configuration objects of type file_driver (#3900)Aleksander Machniak1-1/+1
2014-10-14Add support for configuration./file_driver objects (#3775)Aleksander Machniak1-4/+34
2014-10-13Add fall-back to the full uri for searching relations in cacheThomas Bruederli1-0/+4
2014-08-19Cache relation members for better performance (#3452)Aleksander Machniak1-0/+25
2014-08-19Query kolab_cache_configuration with category filter for better performance ↵Aleksander Machniak1-1/+7
(#3286) Warning: this requires DELETE FROM kolab_folders WHERE type = 'configuration';
2014-08-06Cast relation object arguments into strings even if not set. This avoids ↵Thomas Bruederli1-1/+1
fatal errors when calling the libkolabxml bindings with wrong function signatures
2014-05-18Initial support for Snippets and RelationsAleksander Machniak1-8/+86
2013-07-05Remove redundant code, this is done in parent's set() methodAleksander Machniak1-7/+2
2013-04-19Implemented new method of storing filename and mimetype of file objectsAleksander Machniak1-8/+4
2013-01-16Fix File support. Fix handling of non-inline attachments of event and file ↵Aleksander Machniak1-1/+3
2012-11-21Finally remove the remaining Horde stuff after switching to libkolab for ↵Thomas Bruederli1-13/+0
recurrence and format v2 support
2012-11-06Fix kolab_format_* classes to read v2 format; perpare kolab_storage to write ↵Thomas Bruederli1-4/+5
out v2 format
2012-11-01Use new libkolab XML object reading/writing functions in preparation of ↵Thomas Bruederli1-6/+1
adding Kolab format v2 capabilities
2012-06-06Finish reading/writing of Dictionary configuration objectsThomas Bruederli1-20/+62
2012-05-23Read (old) configuration.dictionary objects with new kolab_storage layer; ↵Thomas Bruederli1-0/+121
writing not implemented yet, until libkolabxml supports it