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+libkolab plugin tests
+In order to run the functional tests for libkolab classes, some configuration
+for the Roundcube test instance need to be created. Along with the default
+config for a given Roundcube instance, you should provide a config specifically
+for running tests. To do so, create a config file named ``
+in the regular Roundcube config dir. That should provide specific `db_dsnw` and
+`default_host` values for testing purposes as well as the credentials of a
+valid IMAP user account used for running the tests with.
+Add these config options used by the libkolab tests:
+ // Unit tests settings
+ $config['tests_username'] = '';
+ $config['tests_password'] = '<test-account-password>';
+ $config['default_host'] = '<kolab-server>';
+ // disable all plugins
+ $config['plugins'] = array();
+Please note that the configured IMAP account as well as the Roundcube database
+configred in `db_dsnw` will be wiped and filled with test data in every test
+run. Under no circumstances you should use credentials of a production database
+or email account!
+Run the tests
+The tests are based on PHPUnit and need to be exected from the Roundcube
+test directory in order to load and initialize the Roundcube framework context.
+To execute individual tests, call `phpunit` from the tests directory:
+ cd <roundcube-dir>/tests/
+ phpunit ../plugins/libkolab/tests/<filename>
+``` \ No newline at end of file