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-$labels['tabtitle'] = 'Activesync';
-$labels['activesynctitle'] = 'Manage Activesync devices';
-$labels['devices'] = 'Devices';
-$labels['devicealias'] = 'Device name';
-$labels['synchronize'] = 'Synchronize';
-$labels['withalarms'] = 'With alarms';
-$labels['syncsettings'] = 'Synchronization settings';
-$labels['deviceconfig'] = 'Device configuration';
-$labels['folderstosync'] = 'Folders to synchronize';
$labels['mail'] = 'Correo electrónico';
$labels['contact'] = 'Libreta de direcciones';
$labels['event'] = 'Calendarios';
$labels['task'] = 'Tareas';
$labels['note'] = 'Notas';
$labels['configuration'] = 'Configuración';
-$labels['deletedevice'] = 'Delete device';
-$labels['nodevices'] = 'There are currently no devices registered.<br/><br/>In order to register a device, please connect it to the server first, using <a href="">the instructions in the Wiki</a>. Afterwards the device should become available for configuration here.';
$labels['savingdata'] = 'Guardando datos...';
-$labels['savingerror'] = 'Failed to save configuration';
-$labels['notsupported'] = 'Your server does not support metadata/annotations';
-$labels['devicedeleteconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete the configuration for this device?';
-$labels['successfullydeleted'] = 'The device configuration was successfully removed';
-$labels['devicenotfound'] = 'Unable to read device configuration';
-$labels['devicetype'] = 'Device type';
-$labels['acsversion'] = 'Protocol version';
-$labels['useragent'] = 'User agent';
-$labels['friendlyname'] = 'Friendly name';
-$labels['os'] = 'Operating system';
-$labels['oslanguage'] = 'OS language';
-$labels['phonenumber'] = 'Número de teléfono';
-$labels['arialabeldeviceframe'] = 'Device synchronization settings form';