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Allow to limit user search (from new folder navigation) in multi-domain setups:
Provide the 'kolab_users_directory' config option with placeholders %dc, %d, %u, %fu or %dn in base_dn or filter properties.
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@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ $config['kolab_messages_cache_bypass'] = 0;
// LDAP directory to find avilable users for folder sharing.
// Either contains an array with LDAP addressbook configuration or refers to entry in $config['ldap_public'].
// If not specified, the configuraton from 'kolab_auth_addressbook' will be used.
+// Should be provided for multi-domain setups with placeholders like %dc, %d, %u, %fu or %dn.
$config['kolab_users_directory'] = null;
// Filter to be used for resolving user folders in LDAP.