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2005-02-27- Add testsMarcus Boerger2-0/+59
2004-03-29Fix class namesMarcus Boerger13-67/+67
2004-03-24added test for property_exists checks.George Schlossnagle1-0/+25
2004-03-14Add new testMarcus Boerger1-0/+21
2004-02-11Fix testRob Richards1-0/+1
2004-02-11Fix compiler warningsRob Richards5-9/+11
2004-02-03Update testsMarcus Boerger3-3/+3
2004-01-22Add new testMarcus Boerger1-0/+31
2004-01-22Update testsMarcus Boerger4-19/+16
2004-01-21Fix namespace regression bugRob Richards1-3/+0
2004-01-21Fix Bug #26976 (Can not access array elements using array indices)Rob Richards1-3/+3
2004-01-21typo fixfoobar1-1/+1
2004-01-21test for bug #26976foobar1-0/+28
2004-01-18Use external files only in 001.phpt & tests for bugsMarcus Boerger6-27/+98
2004-01-17update the tests proper-likeSterling Hughes2-3/+2
2004-01-17namespace accesses are now soley URI based as opposed to prefix based.Sterling Hughes5-11/+5
2004-01-17Major bugfix for consistency.Marcus Boerger14-140/+248
2004-01-17Drop the external xml files no longer neededMarcus Boerger3-71/+0
2004-01-17No external xml filesMarcus Boerger3-4/+72
2004-01-17Don't use external xml filesMarcus Boerger2-20/+19
2004-01-17remove the parser errors here, so they accurately reflect what should happen.Sterling Hughes3-5/+12
2004-01-17Add test for inherited simplexml classesMarcus Boerger1-0/+47
2004-01-16update the profile of how namespaces should work after discussions withSterling Hughes6-10/+10
2004-01-16Add a "profile" of simplexml's expected behaviour in the form of tests.Sterling Hughes11-0/+227
2004-01-14This is no longer usefull in any way.Marcus Boerger1-51/+0
2004-01-13add support for $foo["a:bar"]Rob Richards1-2/+2
2004-01-10Update attribute tests.Marcus Boerger3-13/+93
2003-12-22Fix testMarcus Boerger1-4/+4
2003-12-18Update tests to see where they fail now exactlyMarcus Boerger2-6/+24
2003-12-18two new methods were addedDmitry Stogov2-0/+141
2003-12-17accessing singular subnode as arrayDmitry Stogov1-18/+22
2003-12-17*** empty log message ***Dmitry Stogov3-0/+102
2003-12-16Not needed here (copy'n'paste)Marcus Boerger3-3/+0
2003-12-16Add a test to check split text content collectingMarcus Boerger1-0/+24
2003-12-16Add error handling for element/attribute creation/changingMarcus Boerger1-0/+40
2003-12-16Add test for string conversion capabilities when used with echo/print.Marcus Boerger1-0/+48
2003-12-05Update testMarcus Boerger1-1/+1
2003-11-23Add new testMarcus Boerger1-0/+51
2003-11-23Several improvements to the simplexml_element object:Marcus Boerger2-3/+21
2003-11-13Fix testcase nameMarcus Boerger1-1/+1
2003-11-13Fix classname, CDATA handling (semantically identical to text) andMarcus Boerger3-8/+50
2003-11-03Add regression test for XPath supportMoriyoshi Koizumi1-0/+20
2003-11-03Fix testMoriyoshi Koizumi1-5/+19
2003-10-29Update test for an additional check to ensure the variable used for anMoriyoshi Koizumi1-1/+8
2003-10-29Add simplexml array handlers that allow to explicitly work with attributes.Marcus Boerger1-2/+25
2003-10-27added interop testChristian Stocker2-0/+32
2003-10-26fix test (validation returns a warning, if xml is not valid)Christian Stocker1-4/+6
2003-10-26Add attribute testMarcus Boerger1-0/+19
2003-10-26Add foreach testMarcus Boerger3-2/+70
2003-10-26And get the last thing workingMarcus Boerger1-1/+1