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Merge branch 'PHP-5.3' into PHP-5.4
* PHP-5.3: Fixed bug #62176 Test Bug - sapi/cli/tests/bug61546.phpt sync with HEAD Fixed bug #61218 (the previous patch was not enough restritive on fcgi name string checks) Fixed bug #61218 (FPM drops connection while receiving some binary valuesin FastCGI requests) - Fixed bug #62033 (USR2 signal was sent even if not catch when daemonize and an error occured) - Fixed bug #62160 (Add process.priority to set nice(2) priorities) - add missing headers to avoid warnings - Fixed bug #62153 (when using unix sockets, multiples FPM instances can be launched without errors) - Fixed bug #62033 (php-fpm exits with status 0 on some failures to start) Conflicts: NEWS sapi/fpm/fpm/fpm_main.c
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diff --git a/sapi/cli/tests/bug61546.phpt b/sapi/cli/tests/bug61546.phpt
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--- a/sapi/cli/tests/bug61546.phpt
+++ b/sapi/cli/tests/bug61546.phpt
@@ -2,13 +2,22 @@
Bug #61546 (functions related to current script failed when chdir() in cli sapi)
+// reference doc for getmyinode() on states that it returns an integer or FALSE on error
+// on Windows, getmyinode() returns 0 which normally casts to FALSE
+// however, the implementation of getmyinode() (in pageinfo.c) returns an explicit FALSE in the
+// event that the internal page_inode structure is less than 0, otherwise it returns the long value
+// of page_inode. therefore, an explicit 0 should be a passing value for this test.
+// the ext/standard/tests/file/statpage.phpt test also tests getmyinode() returns an integer and will
+// pass even if that integer is 0. on Windows, the getmyinode() call in statpage.phpt returns 0 and
+// passes on Windows.
$php = getenv("TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE");
$test_code = <<<PHP
var_dump(get_current_user() != "");
-var_dump(getmyinode() != false);
+var_dump(getmyinode() !== false);
var_dump(getlastmod() != false);