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authorWez Furlong <>2003-02-27 17:43:38 (GMT)
committerWez Furlong <>2003-02-27 17:43:38 (GMT)
commitfd61f69077f6156ca71dde60ecfd9ed9765a02db (patch)
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Another big commit (tm).
Main Changes: - Implement a socket transport layer for use by all code that needs to open some kind of "special" socket for network or IPC. - Extensions can register (and override) transports. - Implement ftruncate() on streams via the ioctl-alike option interface. - Implement mmap() on streams via the ioctl-alike option interface. - Implement generic crypto API via the ioctl-alike option interface. (currently only supports OpenSSL, but could support other SSL toolkits, and other crypto transport protocols). Impact: - tcp sockets can be overloaded by the openssl capable sockets at runtime, removing the link-time requirement for ssl:// and https:// sockets and streams. - checking stream types using PHP_STREAM_IS_SOCKET is deprecated, since there are now a range of possible socket-type streams. Working towards: - socket servers using the new transport layer - mmap support under win32 - Cleaner code. # I will be updating the win32 build to add the new files shortly # after this commit.
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diff --git a/main/streams/php_streams_int.h b/main/streams/php_streams_int.h
index 05ad1a0..ddf5693 100644
--- a/main/streams/php_streams_int.h
+++ b/main/streams/php_streams_int.h
@@ -56,4 +56,6 @@ extern php_stream_wrapper php_plain_files_wrapper;
#define S_ISREG(mode) (((mode)&S_IFMT) == S_IFREG)
+void php_stream_tidy_wrapper_error_log(php_stream_wrapper *wrapper TSRMLS_DC);
+void php_stream_display_wrapper_errors(php_stream_wrapper *wrapper, const char *path, const char *caption TSRMLS_DC);