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authorRob Richards <>2006-05-10 12:04:46 (GMT)
committerRob Richards <>2006-05-10 12:04:46 (GMT)
commitaa38b5572e667a2224a799e7f5d291aa13028a59 (patch)
treedc6bde41664c0836da85674276ea593ffb815b30 /ext/xmlreader/php_xmlreader.h
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Synch with HEAD
add readInnerXML, readOuterXML, readString, and setSchema functionality allow parser options to be passed when loading reader optimization: use xmlTextReader const functions for string properties add test
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/ext/xmlreader/php_xmlreader.h b/ext/xmlreader/php_xmlreader.h
index 38ca7db..421da54 100644
--- a/ext/xmlreader/php_xmlreader.h
+++ b/ext/xmlreader/php_xmlreader.h
@@ -40,9 +40,7 @@ extern zend_module_entry xmlreader_module_entry;
typedef struct _xmlreader_object {
zend_object std;
xmlTextReaderPtr ptr;
- /* input is used to allow strings to be loaded under libxml 2.5.x
- must manually allocate and de-allocate these - can be refactored when
- libxml 2.6.x becomes minimum version */
+ /* strings must be set in input buffer as copy is required */
xmlParserInputBufferPtr input;
void *schema;
HashTable *prop_handler;