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Updated naming standards as per 9/12 dev/doc discussion.
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@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@ PHP Coding Standards
This file lists several standards that any programmer, adding or changing
code in PHP, should follow. Since this file was added at a very late
stage of the development of PHP v3.0, the code base does not (yet) fully
-follow it, but it's going in that general direction.
-This is an initial version - it'll most probably grow as time passes.
+follow it, but it's going in that general direction. Since we are now
+at version 4.0.3, many sections have been recoded to use these rules.
Code Implementation
@@ -64,7 +64,24 @@ Naming Conventions
[1] Function names for user functions should be enclosed with in
- the PHP_FUNCTION() macro.
+ the PHP_FUNCTION() macro. They should be in lowercase, with words
+ underscore delimited, with care taken to minimize the letter count.
+ If they are part of a "parent set" of functions, that parent should
+ be included in the user function name.
+ Good:
+ 'mcrypt_enc_self_test'
+ 'mysql_list_fields'
+ Ok:
+ 'mcrypt_module_get_algo_supported_key_sizes'
+ (could be 'mcrypt_mod_get_algo_sup_key_sizes'?)
+ 'get_html_translation_table'
+ (could be 'html_get_trans_table'?)
+ Bad:
+ 'hw_GetObjectByQueryCollObj'
+ 'pg_setclientencoding'
[2] Function names used by user functions should be prefixed
with "_php_", and followed by a word or an underscore-delimited list of
@@ -145,4 +162,23 @@ Optional arguments are written like this:
And yes, please keep everything on a single line, even if that line is massive.
+User Aliases
+You may also have some user-level aliases with close to duplicate
+names, for example, somedb_select_result and somedb_selectresult. For
+documentation puposes, these will only be documented by the most
+clearly separated name, with the aliases listed in the documentation for
+the parent function. For ease of reference, user-functions with
+completely different names, that alias to the same function (such as
+highlight_file and show_source), will be separately documented. The
+proto should still be included, describing which function is aliased.
+Legacy Documentation
+In order to retire older function naming conventions, older
+function name variants, when changed, will only be documented under
+their current function name, as aliases. Backwards compatible functions
+and names should be maintained as long as the code can be reasonably
+be kept as part of the codebase. See /phpdoc/README for me information
+on documentation.