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updated branch layout and versioning information.
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@@ -12,36 +12,27 @@ For the python tests:
Make sure you have "nosetests" for python2 is installed (python2-nose on arch). Otherwise you will get an error that "PyInit__kolabformat" could not be found.
-For the library only, switch to the c++ directory and read the instructinos in there
+For the library only, switch to the c++ directory and read the instructions in there.
Branch layout:
- The latest and greatest, schema definitions only
+ The latest and greatest.
- <language>/master
+ v<minor>.<teeny>
- The latest and greatest language bindings (generated) and wrapper
- libraries (if appropriate) for <language>. For example, branch
- python/master
+ Version branch for the 3.<minor>.<teeny> product
+ series.
- is occassionally, regularly, merged with the master branch.
- Bindings are then generated, modifications are updated where
- necessary, test-cases executed, and naturally we hope all is well.
+ dev/*
- <major>.<minor>
+ Temporary development branches.
- Schema definitions developed for the <major>.<minor> product
- series.
- Tracks towards a future <teeny> version release, using the
- x.y.z versioning schema.
+ According to
- <language>/<major>.<minor>
+ <major>.<minor>.<teeny>
- Using the same schema definitions as <major>.<minor> schema
- definitions branch, generated bindings and modifications (if
- necessary) and wrapper libraries (if appropriate) for
- <language> are maintained in this branch.
+ Where major stands for the major format version. Minor are larger relaese and teeny bugfix releases.