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2012-06-27Bastardize the build process (#860)dev/ticket/860Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)37-62/+62
2012-06-27kimap compiles and contains everything for it to workChristian Mollekopf37-29/+97
2012-06-26made kimap buildChristian Mollekopf27-149/+923
2012-06-25initial import of kimap fromChristian Mollekopf120-0/+16244
commit b54a325116b194da090f900c9a538710759eb303 Author: Stephen Kelly <> Date: Sun May 6 20:44:53 2012 +0200 Revert "Port to const QRegExp API." This reverts commit 0ca0dfc7e0ca8095efd0b060d1d5e26ac9ceb379. The qtbase commit requiring this was reverted.