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authorChristian Mollekopf <>2013-10-16 13:29:20 (GMT)
committerChristian Mollekopf <>2013-10-16 13:31:55 (GMT)
commitc8665869aed8683ea579cc050f4527da02fd9b79 (patch)
tree5a43c436320b7ae75ca8873e49683b938a2c6a31 /kimap/sessionlogger.cpp
parentf4f632de0e135acdce17043fe9730e96bf683e6c (diff)
Rollback to "41b11ca - Avoid error message when building without timezoned support."
* The deadlock in kimap can be worked around by exporting QT_NO_GLIB=1. * libcalendaring is on purpose unversioned Revert "Updated the buildsystem to export it's version using the usual cmake config approach." This reverts commit f4f632de0e135acdce17043fe9730e96bf683e6c. Revert "Bumped version to 0.3" This reverts commit 79f416f2ca4e40c1e569599d1897f144464c2897. Revert "Bumped version to 0.2" This reverts commit 2fd77f151e8c57d6ecff56bfb5055ccc834ef41f. Revert "Fixed SNI support caused by missing KTcpSocket::SslVersion to QSsl::SslProtocol" This reverts commit f558b7237004089e74bf907353e236dfc7968a6b. Revert "Call KTcpSocket::abort instead of disconnectFromHost to avoid infinite loop." This reverts commit 16f053f5c40ea4579807199a1ee7d5ea78b839b8. Revert "Failed to commit the last patch fully." This reverts commit a16e9bed54172f78aaaf25c1638375ecc28e891c. Revert "Added missing error mapping for SslHandshakeFailedError." This reverts commit ab99247c3ab94df76c1b855fd83fdbc4441818ca. Revert "generate and use camelcase includes" This reverts commit f26af72d056dcd60d0f12a704888e6f7473439e8. Revert "Applied patch to build again using qt4_automoc" This reverts commit 5042637961e5abaa47bb977815e8bc3570e70ee3. Revert "Applied kimap from 3ca54b6 (kolab/stable/4.11.2)" This reverts commit 8e5a810e432ae46a238151839c9f8d07405b93d9. Revert "Made the mutex recursive to prevent deadlocks." This reverts commit 6b1fda16546e6d77c49112ecbba22103f8d859c0.
Diffstat (limited to 'kimap/sessionlogger.cpp')
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/kimap/sessionlogger.cpp b/kimap/sessionlogger.cpp
index 2c4bd07..715a5da 100644
--- a/kimap/sessionlogger.cpp
+++ b/kimap/sessionlogger.cpp
@@ -20,8 +20,6 @@
#include "sessionlogger_p.h"
-#include <KDebug>
#include <unistd.h>
using namespace KIMAP;
@@ -35,9 +33,7 @@ SessionLogger::SessionLogger()
m_file.setFileName( qgetenv( "KIMAP_LOGFILE" )
+ '.' + QString::number( getpid() )
+ '.' + QString::number( m_id ) );
- if (! QFile::WriteOnly )) {
- kDebug()<<" m_file can be open in write only";
- }
+ QFile::WriteOnly );
@@ -61,3 +57,6 @@ void SessionLogger::disconnectionOccured()
m_file.write( "X\n" );