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2011-07-14Only refer to $handler if $handler is indeed set.Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-3/+7
2010-09-13Avoid the use of two include directories.Gunnar Wrobel1-0/+104
2006-02-05Use the new kolab_php_module_prefix variableRichard Bos1-122/+0
2005-12-22* www/admin/user/deliver.php,Richard Bos1-1/+1
2005-10-13Fix for issue886 (i18n problem)Steffen Hansen1-2/+2
2005-08-29Fix for Issue915 (encoding problem)Steffen Hansen1-1/+1
2005-03-11added header locale.php + typo fixesRomain Pokrzywka1-0/+1
2005-01-07Fix for Issue597 (vacation broken)Steffen Hansen1-4/+5
2004-12-17Fixed pesky encoding again againSteffen Hansen1-1/+1
2004-11-22inform user that only one script can be active at any timeSteffen Hansen1-7/+1
2004-11-18first steps towards cleaning up the sieve stuffSteffen Hansen1-14/+6
2004-11-05move mail sieve stuff -- needs improvement!Steffen Hansen1-4/+14
2004-09-01contact homeserver instead of localhost for sieveSteffen Hansen1-1/+3
2004-08-09utf-8 *sigh*Steffen Hansen1-5/+17
2004-07-19gettext preparation complete + no hardcoded pathsSteffen Hansen1-2/+2
2004-07-18more gettextSteffen Hansen1-6/+13
2004-05-17new webinterface for the kolab serverSteffen Hansen1-0/+103