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2010-09-06Replaced all cvsignore files with one fresh hgignore file.Sascha Wilde7-7/+0
This is no 1:1 conversion but was created from scratch and tested with a full build of the 2.2-stable branch.
2010-09-06Replaced all cvsignore files with one fresh hgignore file.2.2-stableSascha Wilde7-7/+0
This is no 1:1 conversion but was created from scratch and tested with a full build of the 2.2-stable branch.
2010-08-23Mark the new template as configuration file.Gunnar Wrobel1-0/+1
2010-08-23kolab/issue4516 (Various logic/spelling fixes for the web admin)Gunnar Wrobel8-5/+32
2010-08-23Complete kolab/issue4512 (Allow to hide the admin mail settings in the web ↵Gunnar Wrobel2-5/+7
2010-08-23Complete kolab/issue4512 (Allow to hide the admin mail settings in the web ↵Gunnar Wrobel2-1/+5
2010-08-23kolab/issue4512 (Allow to hide the admin mail settings in the web admin)Gunnar Wrobel4-44/+10
2010-08-23kolab/issue4510 (Fix the kolab web admin display for Firefox)Gunnar Wrobel2-1/+5
2010-08-23kolab/issue4515 (Sort some additional lists in the web admin)Gunnar Wrobel3-1/+9
2010-08-23kolab/issue4511 (Correct the German web admin translation)Gunnar Wrobel2-52/+58
2010-07-12kolab/issue4430 (Modify User reply page contains user password in plain text)Gunnar Wrobel6-1/+19
2010-06-28kolab/issue606 (It is not possible to register people with middlename correctly)Gunnar Wrobel3-2/+25
2010-06-24Bump version numbers to Arendsen Hein1-1/+1
2010-05-21Configurable sieve port (l10n part of issue4373)Mathieu Parent7-11/+16
2010-04-13The old script names are not required anymore.Gunnar Wrobel3-8/+0
2010-04-13Update testing and fix an upgrade bug with the new forward segment script. ↵Gunnar Wrobel4-4/+12
Strict testing is no longer possible because we use the old Horde String library.
2010-04-13Fix delivery to folders containing umlauts for the cyrus server. Do not ↵Gunnar Wrobel6-5/+11
duplicate mails when activating forwarding and delivery at the same time (and keeping mails on the server).
2010-04-07kolab/issue1446 (Webinterface for setting vacation, email-delivery and ↵Gunnar Wrobel6-0/+1200
forwarding (rt#5033)) This also adds the tests that drove the implementation.
2010-04-07If the redirection is not activated then the address is missing now. Adapt ↵Gunnar Wrobel1-1/+1
keep check.
2010-04-07Full escaping of deactivated script segments.Gunnar Wrobel2-1/+13
2010-04-07Add check for unknown script.Gunnar Wrobel4-0/+33
2010-04-07Ensure we always generate valid sieve.Gunnar Wrobel2-5/+16
2010-04-06Do not check for PEAR-Net_Sieve in the code. The package dependencies should ↵Gunnar Wrobel3-42/+6
ensure that it is installed. In addition remove some unused functions.
2010-04-06And finally replace the code in the controllers with the new script generator.Gunnar Wrobel6-84/+68
2010-04-06Fix some minor sieve script issues.Gunnar Wrobel3-9/+17
2010-04-06Fix segment detection and add functionality to generate the combined script.Gunnar Wrobel1-6/+21
2010-04-06The new handler reads the old forward and vacation scripts just fine.Gunnar Wrobel3-51/+28
In addition this switches from the patched PEAR-Net_Sieve in kolab-webadmin/php/admin/include/Sieve.php to the standard PEAR-Net_Sieve package. The patched version was imported as is into Kolab CVS. There is no hint if there was anything specific that needed patching or what has actually been patched. The diff to the current PEAR-Net_Sieve also did not indicate anything that looked like it might be specific to the Kolab server. The patched version did however fail to work with the new handler as it was not able to load several sieve scripts in succession (which is necessary to avoid loosing data).
2010-04-06Import code that was misplaced in the controller.Gunnar Wrobel1-0/+17
2010-04-06The new handler reads the old delivery script just fine.Gunnar Wrobel1-11/+8
2010-04-06PHP5.3 strict, WSGunnar Wrobel1-109/+110
2010-04-06Add the vacation segment.Gunnar Wrobel4-4/+321
2010-04-01Add the handler for the forward sieve segment.Gunnar Wrobel3-1/+169
2010-04-01Complete the handling of the folder delivery segment.Gunnar Wrobel3-10/+78
2010-04-01Add a first draft of the segment machinery to support the combined script. ↵Gunnar Wrobel3-9/+48
The logic is still somewhat to complex but refactoring comes later.
2010-03-31More stubs.Gunnar Wrobel2-0/+109
2010-03-31Add the first bit of the class hierarchy that will handle the different ↵Gunnar Wrobel2-0/+99
script segments.
2010-03-31Allow successful writing/reparsing of the generated script. This simplyfies ↵Gunnar Wrobel1-2/+2
the modified regexes and they should be made more secure later again.
2010-03-31Import the sieve utility segment from the patch in kolab/issue1446 ↵Gunnar Wrobel1-3/+51
(Webinterface for setting vacation, email-delivery and forwarding (rt#5033)). Writing/reparsing does not yet work and the script generation may produce broken sieve scripts. We do not yet use this in the front end though and this way we don't throw away information from the patch.
2010-03-31Move the sieve utilities into the default PHP library location. There is no ↵Gunnar Wrobel5-17/+20
need to keep the code separate.
2010-03-31Ensure the regex does not grab too much content. When we combine the ↵Gunnar Wrobel1-12/+1
different sieve scripts the regular expression matching should be as precise as possible.
2010-03-26ChangeLog updateKarl-Heinz Ruskowski1-0/+5
2010-03-26Removed quota limitation (Issue 1262)Karl-Heinz Ruskowski1-1/+0
2010-02-22Revert (cvs diff -r 1.58 -r 1.59 kolab-webadmin/kolab-webadmin/ | ↵Gunnar Wrobel1-5/+0
patch -R -p0)
2010-02-22 * templates/ Added ability to mapGunnar Wrobel1-0/+5
arbitrary ldap attributes to those expected by kolab. (Merged from suc branch) * templates/ Added ability to map arbitrary ldap attributes to those expected by kolab. (Merged from suc branch)
2010-02-21MFH: kolab/issue3499 (Kolab web admin does not use LDAP escaping)Gunnar Wrobel2-2/+7
2010-02-21kolab/issue3499 (Kolab web admin does not use LDAP escaping)Gunnar Wrobel3-2/+20
Found the actual issue I tried to fix last time which was the broken midair collision check. Now it also makes sense why the function broke with the later fixing I did. Basically countMail() was not aware of any LDAP escaping when counting objects with an excluded DN. Should now be fixed and I added a test for that problem.
2010-02-21Add testing for countMail when adding users with escaped dn values. Manual ↵Gunnar Wrobel1-2/+15
testing of the application also looks good. Consider kolab/issue3499 (Kolab web admin does not use LDAP escaping) fixed.
2010-02-21Test counting with an existing user. Fix generation of the mail address when ↵Gunnar Wrobel1-1/+13
adding users.
2010-02-21Provide an add method to the Ldap class and add unit testing for it.Gunnar Wrobel2-2/+55
The web admin uses ldap_add() directly in the views at the moment. This should later be refactored to use the add() method in the library.
2010-02-21A first working test. This works only with an installed server right now but ↵Gunnar Wrobel1-2/+16
this results from the current code structure that simply allows no mocking/stubbing.