AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2006-12-08Fix for issue1418 (Field customisation issue)2.0-stableSteffen Hansen3-60/+86
2006-10-24updated french translation (issue1457, thanks jml)Steffen Hansen1-13/+6
2006-10-19updated french translation (issue1457, thanks jml)Steffen Hansen1-581/+369
2006-08-11Fix the list of packages that contain kolab specific changes shown on2.0.4Bernhard Herzog1-1/+1
2006-03-29Backport of fix for issue848Steffen Hansen1-11/+24
2006-02-21Backport of: Fix for issue848 (external address in dist. list)Steffen Hansen1-28/+47
2006-01-11Fix for issue848 (deleting users problem with distlists)Steffen Hansen1-6/+10
2005-10-20German translations updates, thanks KalleSteffen Hansen1-179/+143
2005-10-14updated italian translationsSteffen Hansen1-124/+114
2005-10-13Fixed issue960 (extra newlines in vacation text)Steffen Hansen1-1/+1
2005-10-13Fix for issue886 (i18n problem)Steffen Hansen20-3412/+5272
2005-10-12Fix for issue942 -- had to partially revert the prev. fix and do a workaround...Steffen Hansen2-5/+9
2005-10-03typoSteffen Hansen1-1/+1
2005-10-03typoSteffen Hansen1-1/+1
2005-10-03update webgui for new postfix relayhostSteffen Hansen2-22/+14
2005-09-17Backport of fix for Issue848 (dist list problem when deleting users)Steffen Hansen1-3/+11
2005-09-15Backport of fix for Issue820 (distribution list errors "Multiple...")Steffen Hansen2-28/+22
2005-08-29Backport of fix for Issue915 (encoding problem)Steffen Hansen7-22/+27
2005-08-11Activate italian translation (ie. be a visible selection in the GUI).Jan-Oliver Wagener2-0/+4
2005-07-31fixup commit for branch '2.0-stable'cvs2hg1-0/+1612
2005-07-28deletion handlingSteffen Hansen8-24/+39
2005-07-27fixup commit for branch '2.0-stable'cvs2hg1-0/+115
2005-07-07updated zlib and clamavSteffen Hansen63-1717/+1364
2005-06-19fixup commit for tag '2.0-proko2_m3'2.0-proko2_m3cvs2hg33-267/+612
2005-06-19fixup commit for tag '2.0-proko2_m2c'2.0-proko2_m2ccvs2hg62-1784/+1792
2005-06-17Now we speak NĂ©eerlandais too2.0.0Steffen Hansen4-2/+1653
2005-06-16verification bugs (Issue804) and form elements readonly looknfeel (Issue797)Steffen Hansen4-52/+115
2005-06-15French translations (Issue803). Thanks to Benoit MortierSteffen Hansen6-114/+1996
2005-06-15Attempt at explaining the weird ways of Issue783 (From rewrite)Steffen Hansen1-2/+2
2005-06-14filled in a few blanks.Bernhard Reiter1-2/+2
2005-06-10rewite from header (Issue783)Steffen Hansen2-4/+15
2005-06-10fix for Issue722 (webgui language switching)Steffen Hansen2-28/+32
2005-06-06Kolabfilter settings verify_from and allow_sender accessible from webgui (ger...Steffen Hansen3-1/+31
2005-06-02support multi-valued mynetworksSteffen Hansen1-3/+4
2005-05-30LDAP rename (Issue730)2.0-pre_autoperlSteffen Hansen2-4/+33
2005-05-28Missing validation on addressbook email entry (Issue769)Steffen Hansen2-3/+15
2005-05-27prevent inconsistant groupOfNames objects when changing an account objects DN...Steffen Hansen1-0/+13
2005-05-27fixlet for Issue722 (language setting)Steffen Hansen1-7/+25
2005-05-19more translation + "no vacation replies to spam" is now defaultSteffen Hansen2-2/+2
2005-05-19I give up on that first line...Steffen Hansen2-13/+15
2005-05-19translated vacation message -- no idea why it refuses to translate the first ...Steffen Hansen3-300/+330
2005-05-04versionsSteffen Hansen1-4/+5
2005-04-28version stuff (Issue591)Steffen Hansen3-1/+14
2005-04-27Prevent deletion of accounts when they are the last member of a dist. list (I...Steffen Hansen1-0/+26
2005-04-27mail attribute for kolabGroupOfNames -- its not used for _anything_ internall...Steffen Hansen2-1/+14
2005-04-22we really only care about kolabusersSteffen Hansen1-1/+2
2005-04-12Issue712 (vacation compatibility with kmail)Steffen Hansen2-4/+3
2005-04-09config for allowing/denying access to the webguiSteffen Hansen4-5/+15
2005-04-07upsSteffen Hansen1-1/+1
2005-04-07Issue700 and Issue701 (vacation issues)Steffen Hansen4-4/+5