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{tr msg="Intevation GmbH coordinated the Projects: Kroupware and Proko2, which are the main driving force behind Kolab1&2. In addition to project management Intevation did most of the quality assurance."}
-<a href="" border=0><IMG
-SRC="../pics/intevation_logo.png" ALT="Logo Intevation GmbH" height="91"
-align ="middle" longdesc="" border="0"></a>
+<div class="align_center">
+ <a href="">
+ <img src="../pics/intevation_logo.png" alt="Logo Intevation GmbH" height="91" longdesc="" style="border:0px;" />
+ </a>
{tr msg="Intevation GmbH is a IT-company exclusively focusing on Free Software. Its business units are strategic consulting, project management and geographic information systems."}
@@ -15,8 +17,8 @@ align ="middle" longdesc="" border="0"></a>
{tr msg="The following people worked on Kolab for Intevation:"}
-Bernhard Reiter<br>
-Jan-Oliver Wagner<br>
+Bernhard Reiter<br />
+Jan-Oliver Wagner<br />
Marc Mutz