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+{* Smarty Template *}
+<div class="align_center">
+ <a href="">
+ <img src="/admin/pics/kolabsystems_logo.png" alt="Kolab Systems AG" longdesc="" style="border:0px;" />
+ </a>
+<div class="contentsimple">
+{tr msg="Founded in Z&uuml;rich in 2010, "}<a href="">Kolab Systems AG</a> {tr msg="is the global leader in Kolab Technology. Together with its partners in the Kolab Enterprise Community, Kolab Systems provides quality assurance, integration, support, training, certification of individuals and third-party products, as well as ongoing development for the Kolab Groupware Solution. The strong partnering model and a highly competent enterprise community provides users of the Kolab Groupware Solution with the right level of professional consulting, support and warranties to enable productivity and collaboration."}
+<h2>{tr msg="Looking for professional support for your Kolab Groupware Solution?"}</h2>
+<p>{tr msg="Kolab Systems provides a wide range of "} <a href="">Service Level Agreements (SLA)</a> {tr msg= "which range from fully self-supported installations to maintained installations with reaction times as low as 1 hour. These are provided exclusively on Kolab Systems' Certified Kolab edition. To upgrade your installation to Certified Kolab, please contact"} <a href=""></a> {tr msg="or visit our"} <a href="">{tr msg="web page"}</a>.
+<h2>{tr msg="Our Development Partners"}</h2>
+<p>{tr msg="In continuously improvingall parts of the Kolab Groupware Solution, Kolab Systems is working closely with development partners, such as (in alphabetical order):"}</p>
+<li><a href="">P@rdus</a></li>
+<li><a href="/admin/kolab/intevation.php">Intevation</a></li>
+<li><a href="/admin/kolab/kdab.php">KDAB</a></li>
+<li><a href="">Libertech</a></li>
+<li>...and all the community contributors.
+<p><b>{tr msg="Thank you for being part of this awesome community!"}</b></p>
+<p>{tr msg="If <b>you</b> want to join the community, please go to "} <a href=""></a> {tr msg="and"} <a href=""></a>.