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authorRichard Bos <>2008-02-11 20:44:10 (GMT)
committerRichard Bos <>2008-02-11 20:44:10 (GMT)
commit51c30821eddd33ad78d292efad5a0fb83a550ab7 (patch)
parent3684c84354a24a0d859a76c6afe5fee68dac9502 (diff)
translation update
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diff --git a/php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po b/php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po
index f445531..fc89567 100644
--- a/php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po
+++ b/php/admin/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po
@@ -510,27 +510,27 @@ msgstr ""
#: tpl_messages.php:105
msgid "Kolab builds upon many other Free Software projects, namely:"
-msgstr "Kolab is gebaseerd op verschillende Free Software projecten, namelijk:"
+msgstr "Kolab is gebaseerd op verschillende vrije Software projecten, namelijk:"
#: tpl_messages.php:106
msgid "(Mail Scanner)"
-msgstr "E-mail Scanner"
+msgstr "(E-mail scanner)"
#: tpl_messages.php:107
msgid "(HTTP Server)"
-msgstr "(HTTP Server)"
+msgstr "(HTTP server)"
#: tpl_messages.php:108
msgid "(Virus Scanner)"
-msgstr "Virus scanner"
+msgstr "(Virus scanner)"
#: tpl_messages.php:109
msgid "(IMAP Server)"
-msgstr "(IMAP Server)"
+msgstr "(IMAP server)"
#: tpl_messages.php:110
msgid "(LDAP Server)"
-msgstr "(LDAP Server)"
+msgstr "(LDAP server)"
#: tpl_messages.php:111
msgid "(MTA)"
@@ -538,15 +538,15 @@ msgstr "(MTA)"
#: tpl_messages.php:112
msgid "(SPAM Filter)"
-msgstr "(spam filter)"
+msgstr "(Spam filter)"
#: tpl_messages.php:113
msgid ""
"The following projects are used in binding the above together, in order to "
"create the Kolab Server:"
msgstr ""
-"De volgende projecten worden gebruikt in verbinding met de bovenstaande, om "
-"zodoende de Kolab server te creëren:"
+"De volgende projecten worden gebruikt om in combinatie met de bovenstaanden projecten "
+"de Kolab server te creëren:"
#: tpl_messages.php:114
msgid "The following projects are used as a base for the Kolab Clients:"