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2012-04-01Special treatment for the userpassword attribute (#665)dev/edit-existing-entriesJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-28/+42
2012-04-01Supply the unique attribute to form submissions as data, so that form_value s...Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)3-10/+76
2012-04-01Attributes posted and also "static" forms should be preserved (as posted)Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2-4/+20
2012-03-31Correct the comparison of an attribute being marked as optionalJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2-13/+19
2012-03-31Improve handling of optional form fieldsJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2-36/+49
2012-03-31Only replace attributes that are not empty.Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-7/+31
2012-03-31Add nsroledn attribute to 'system' tabJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-0/+1
2012-03-31Add function user_edit()Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-1/+96
2012-03-31Inverse form_value.list_options for nsrole and nsroledn, and issue a warning ...Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-4/+6
2012-03-31'nsrole', as an attribute that can actually be added is called 'nsroledn' - p...Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-0/+5
2012-03-31Discover what the RDN is by using the old LDAP objectJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-6/+21
2012-03-31Deprecate Auth::modify_entry_attributesJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-5/+0
2012-03-31Generate the uid and preseed it into the recipient policy if it does not alre...Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-0/+12
2012-03-31Add 'edit' to capabilitiesJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-0/+1
2012-03-31Actually generate the uidnumber and gidnumberJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-4/+59
2012-03-31Also translate the edit success notificationJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2-2/+2
2012-03-31Move to use configuration value 'unique_attribute' and 'user_name_attribute' ...Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)4-39/+109
2012-03-31Create a function Auth::modify_entry() to get things edited in one go.Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-0/+5
2012-03-31Be a little more intelligent about where to add groups of a certain type usin...Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-11/+20
2012-03-31Update kolab_admin.js to realize the difference between selecting to add a us...Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-2/+68
2012-03-31Rename function user_attributes to get_attributes so it can sensibly be used ...Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)4-21/+21
2012-03-30Take a stab at making groups editable (and users, ultimately)Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)9-12/+292
2012-03-30Fix typoAleksander Machniak1-1/+1
2012-03-30Removed debug codeAleksander Machniak1-1/+1
2012-03-30Some fixesAleksander Machniak3-9/+12
2012-03-30Make adding groups workJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2-0/+44
2012-03-30Use lowercase comparisons when trying to see of the members of a group can be...Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2-15/+25
2012-03-30Generate a proper primary mail attribute value for groupsJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2-2/+58
2012-03-30Fix Fatal errorAleksander Machniak1-0/+2
2012-03-30Fix typoAleksander Machniak1-1/+1
2012-03-30Merge branch 'dev/configuration-handling'Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)3-27/+80
2012-03-30Only use $_SESSION['user']->get_domain() if the method actually existsdev/configuration-handlingJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2-6/+15
2012-03-30Unified some methods: Use object_type_*() instead of separate user_type_*/gro...Aleksander Machniak11-165/+87
2012-03-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Machniak2-1/+75
2012-03-30Fix PHP warningAleksander Machniak1-1/+1
2012-03-30Fix using 'ldap_uri' instead of 'uri'Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-1/+1
2012-03-30Return false rather than nullJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-1/+1
2012-03-30More verbose logginJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-1/+7
2012-03-30Use more items from configurationJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-17/+26
2012-03-30Improve configuration handlingJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)2-11/+42
2012-03-30Group type ID detection (#660)Aleksander Machniak3-8/+22
2012-03-29Even more verbosily document INSTALLJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-1/+24
2012-03-29Add INSTALL file with setup instructionsJeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)1-0/+51
2012-03-29Fix so user roles names are listed instead of DNsAleksander Machniak2-2/+14
2012-03-26Improved LDAP connection handlingAleksander Machniak1-88/+95
2012-03-26Fix identationAleksander Machniak1-4/+4
2012-03-26Limit ldap_search() calls by fetching all extra user attributes in one callAleksander Machniak3-13/+24
2012-03-26Limit ldap_bind() callsAleksander Machniak1-84/+63
2012-03-26Code cleanup and some fixesAleksander Machniak3-281/+239
2012-03-26Added more phpdoc commentsAleksander Machniak14-20/+318