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diff --git a/autoinstall/bootstrap/bootstrap-wheezy-script-obs.txt b/autoinstall/bootstrap/bootstrap-wheezy-script-obs.txt
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+++ b/autoinstall/bootstrap/bootstrap-wheezy-script-obs.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+# Add the kolab repository.
+cat > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kolab.list << EOF
+deb ./
+apt-get update || :
diff --git a/autoinstall/wheezy-31.cfg b/autoinstall/wheezy-31.cfg
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index 0000000..ff8aa0b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/autoinstall/wheezy-31.cfg
@@ -0,0 +1,45 @@
+d-i debian-installer/locale string en_US
+d-i console-keymaps-at/keymap select us
+d-i netcfg/choose_interface select auto
+d-i netcfg/get_hostname
+d-i netcfg/get_domain
+d-i netcfg/wireless_wep string
+d-i mirror/country string enter information manually
+d-i mirror/http/hostname string
+d-i mirror/http/directory string /debian/
+d-i clock-setup/utc boolean true
+d-i time/zone string Europe/Zurich
+d-i clock-setup/ntp boolean true
+d-i partman-auto/disk string /dev/sda
+d-i partman-auto/method string lvm
+d-i partman-auto/choose_recipe select atomic
+d-i partman-lvm/confirm boolean true
+d-i partman-lvm/device_remove_lvm boolean true
+d-i partman-lvm/confirm_nooverwrite boolean true
+d-i partman/choose_partition select finish
+d-i partman/confirm boolean true
+d-i partman/confirm_nooverwrite boolean true
+d-i partman-basicfilesystems/no_mount_point yes
+d-i passwd/root-password password Welcome2KolabSystems
+d-i passwd/root-password-again password Welcome2KolabSystems
+d-i passwd/user-fullname string Kolab Systems User
+d-i passwd/username string developer
+d-i passwd/user-password password Welcome2KolabSystems
+d-i passwd/user-password-again password Welcome2KolabSystems
+d-i apt-setup/non-free boolean true
+d-i apt-setup/contrib boolean true
+tasksel tasksel/first multiselect standard
+d-i pkgsel/include select openssh-server sysv-rc-conf wget
+d-i popularity-contest/participate boolean false
+d-i grub-installer/only_debian boolean true
+d-i grub-installer/with_other_os boolean true
+d-i preseed/late_command string in-target wget -q -O/root/; in-target chmod +x /root/; in-target bash /root/
+d-i finish-install/reboot_in_progress note