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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2011-05-24remove now unused dist_conf LDAPDHEADmasterMathieu Parent1-5/+7
2010-05-16Added redhar servicesRichard Bos1-0/+12
2010-01-16Added mandriva to the system definitions, patch by Thomas SpuhlerRichard Bos1-1/+16
2009-11-23- re-arrange the execution order of the servicesRichard Bos1-2/+19
2009-11-23- remove spamd as service, for more info refer toRichard Bos1-9/+48
2009-11-21Renamed the argument list to status, and made the output alphanumeric.Richard Bos1-4/+16
2009-11-08added list option, to show the involved distribution related service,Richard Bos1-6/+43
2009-05-03Change @LDAPD@ to just openldap, kolab/issue3604Richard Bos1-1/+3
2009-03-17dist_conf/ add debian flavourMathieu Parent1-1/+12
2009-02-25stop the services backwards compared with the start sequenceRichard Bos1-0/+4
2009-02-24cut's default delimiter already is TABThomas Arendsen Hein1-2/+1
2009-02-21dist_conf/ added argument checks, source in the fileRichard Bos1-10/+69
2009-02-14corrected typoRichard Bos1-2/+2
2008-02-01changed the reference to the script itself to an autotools variable (@KOLABRC@)Richard Bos1-1/+1
2008-01-31- * dist_conf/suse: updated logfile locationsMarcus Hüwe1-1/+1
2008-01-31* dist_conf/ added getServiceName method to map distribution spec...Marcus Hüwe1-0/+16
2007-10-22replaced "apache" with "apache2". This file is not used by the openpkgMarcus Hüwe1-1/+1
2007-10-14OpenPKG renamed apache2 back to apache.Gunnar Wrobel1-1/+1
2006-03-11Slurpd is needed ...., so start itRichard Bos1-1/+1
2006-03-02activate the kolabd serviceRichard Bos1-1/+1
2006-03-01typoRichard Bos1-1/+1
2006-01-31add freshclam to the services listRichard Bos1-1/+1
2006-01-06Generalize the the call to the openldap deamonRichard Bos1-6/+2
2006-01-06* added support to install kolabsrv for non openpkgRichard Bos1-3/+2
2006-01-05initial checkin of kolabsrv. This script should replace the ...openpkg scriptRichard Bos1-0/+58