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+# (c) 2005 Steffen Hansen <> (Klaralvdalens Datakonsult AB)
+# This program is Free Software under the GNU General Public License (>=v2).
+# Read the file COPYING that comes with this packages for details.
+# this file is automatically written by the Kolab config backend
+# manual additions are lost unless made to the template in the Kolab config directory
+ldap_uri: @@@ldap_uri@@@
+basedn: @@@user_dn_list@@@
+binddn: @@@php_dn@@@
+bindpw: @@@php_pw@@@
+domain: @@@postfix-mydomain@@@
+@@@if postfix-allow-unauthenticated@@@
+allow_unauth: 1
+allow_unauth: 0
+permithosts: @@@kolabhost|join,@@@