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+# =============================================================================
+# For syntax and customization instructions see README.customize.
+# Note that only valid header fields are allowed;
+# non-standard header field heads must begin with "X-" .
+# The From, To and Date header fields will be provided automatically.
+Subject: [? %#V |[? %#F |Unknown problem|BANNED (%F)]|VIRUS (%V)] IN MAIL FROM YOU
+[? %m |#|In-Reply-To: %m]
+Message-ID: <VS%n@%h>
+Our content checker found
+[? %#V |#| [? %#V |viruses|virus|viruses]: %V]
+[? %#F |#| banned [? %#F |names|name|names]: %F]
+[? %#X |#|\n[%X\n]]
+in email presumably from you (%s),
+to the following [? %#R |recipients|recipient|recipients]:[
+-> %R]
+Our internal reference code for your message is %n.
+[? %#V ||Please check your system for viruses,
+or ask your system administrator to do so.
+[? %#D |Delivery of the email was stopped!
+[? %#V |[? %#F ||#
+The message has been blocked because it contains a component
+(as a MIME part or nested within) with declared name
+or MIME type or contents type violating our access policy.
+To transfer contents that may be considered risky or unwanted
+by site policies, or simply too large for mailing, please consider
+publishing your content on the web, and only sending an URL of the
+document to the recipient.
+Depending on the recipient and sender site policies, with a little
+effort it might still be possible to send any contents (including
+viruses) using one of the following methods:
+- encrypted using pgp, gpg or other encryption methods;
+- wrapped in a password-protected or scrambled container or archive
+ (e.g.: zip -e, arj -g, arc g, rar -p, or other methods)
+Note that if the contents is not intended to be secret, the
+encryption key or password may be included in the same message
+for recipient's convenience.
+We are sorry for inconvenience if the contents was not malicious.
+The purpose of these restrictions is to cut the most common propagation
+methods used by viruses and other malware. These often exploit automatic
+mechanisms and security holes in certain mail readers (Microsoft mail
+readers and browsers are a common and easy target). By requiring an
+explicit and decisive action from the recipient to decode mail,
+the dangers of automatic malware propagation is largely reduced.
+# Details of our mail restrictions policy are available at ...
+For your reference, here are headers from your email:
+------------------------- BEGIN HEADERS -----------------------------
+Return-Path: %s
+-------------------------- END HEADERS ------------------------------