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Added a dirty hack that adds a fixed timezone setting in php.ini. This needs somewhat more elaborate fixing as it is probably required to put the choice of the timezone into the bootstrapping.
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--- a/conf/templates/
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@@ -39,5 +39,15 @@ upload_tmp_dir = @webserver_tmpdir@
include_path = ".:@phplibdir@:@phplibdir2@:@phppeardir@"
safe_mode_include_dir = "@phplibdir@/"
+; FIXME: Do not hardcode the timezone setting
+; The value used below is of course no acceptable setting:
+; But the parameter is required for newer PHP versions as these
+; versions refrain from using the timezone detected via the system setting.
+; It is probably necessary to add the parameter to kolab_bootstrap but
+; before doing that I add this temporary setting to allow Horde to run.
+date.timezone = Europe/Berlin
session.save_path = @webserver_sessions@