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authorGunnar Wrobel <>2008-11-08 21:45:13 (GMT)
committerGunnar Wrobel <>2008-11-08 21:45:13 (GMT)
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Fixed free/busy server address for the newest
Kolab_FreeBusy package.
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--- a/conf/templates/
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@@ -82,10 +82,9 @@ $conf['auth']['params']['login_block'] = false;
$conf['fb']['redirect'] = false;
-/* What is the address of the current server where the calendar data is stored?
- * This is also used as the LDAP server address where user objects reside.
+/* What is the address of the current server where the free/busy data can be accessed?
-$conf['fb']['server'] = '@@@fqdnhostname@@@';
+$conf['kolab'['freebusy']['server'] = 'https://@@@fqdnhostname@@@/freebusy';
/* What is our default mail domain? This is used if any users do not have
* '@domain' specified after their username as part of their email address.