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authorBernhard Reiter <>2005-04-05 14:27:56 (GMT)
committerBernhard Reiter <>2005-04-05 14:27:56 (GMT)
commit60f1f63a1b78614ac56898e9c9902704d1af2fed (patch)
parentd5b2aff89dc772a1028984c6c10cd0527215355b (diff)
A better fix for
Issue609 (distribution lists swallow outgoing mail not intended for the list) which also allows to make mailsplits in virtual. Details: It is better to expand distributions lists in virtual and not in alias because some of the resulting addresses might be external and can then choose their best transport. For the mailsplit this is crucial as the transport for $mydestination then needs to depend on another ldap request. The new domain parameter to the ldapdistlist prevents that outgoing email is affected and only distribution lists are matched.
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/conf/templates/ b/conf/templates/
index 5aa8857..8451e24 100644
--- a/conf/templates/
+++ b/conf/templates/
@@ -48,11 +48,10 @@ relay_domains =
# maps
canonical_maps = hash:@l_prefix@/etc/postfix/canonical
-virtual_maps = ldap:ldapvirtual
-# virtual_maps = hash:@l_prefix@/etc/postfix/virtual
+virtual_maps = hash:@l_prefix@/etc/postfix/virtual, ldap:ldapdistlist, ldap:ldapvirtual
relocated_maps = hash:@l_prefix@/etc/postfix/relocated
transport_maps = ldap:ldaptransport, hash:@l_prefix@/etc/postfix/transport
-alias_maps = ldap:ldapdistlist, hash:@l_prefix@/etc/postfix/aliases
+alias_maps = hash:@l_prefix@/etc/postfix/aliases
alias_database = hash:@l_prefix@/etc/postfix/aliases
local_recipient_maps =
@@ -152,6 +151,7 @@ ldapvirtual_version = 3
ldapdistlist_server_host = @@@ldap_uri@@@
ldapdistlist_search_base = @@@user_dn_list@@@
+ldapdistlist_domain = $mydestination
ldapdistlist_query_filter = (cn=%u)
ldapdistlist_special_result_attribute = member
ldapdistlist_result_attribute = mail