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Maintain a per-user temp directory for locks and temp files. Run a cleanup routine to remove old temp files every now and then
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@@ -155,11 +155,11 @@ if ($services['CARDDAV']) {
if ($services['WEBDAV']) {
// the lock manager is reponsible for making sure users don't overwrite each others changes.
// TODO: replace this with a class that manages locks in the Kolab backend
- $locks_backend = new Kolab\DAV\Locks\File(KOLAB_DAV_ROOT . '/temp/locks');
+ $locks_backend = new \Kolab\DAV\Locks\File(KOLAB_DAV_ROOT . '/temp');
$server->addPlugin(new \Sabre\DAV\Locks\Plugin($locks_backend));
// intercept some of the garbage files operation systems tend to generate when mounting a WebDAV share
- $server->addPlugin(new \Sabre\DAV\TemporaryFileFilterPlugin(KOLAB_DAV_ROOT . '/temp'));
+ $server->addPlugin(new \Kolab\DAV\TempFilesPlugin(KOLAB_DAV_ROOT . '/temp'));
// HTML UI for browser-based access (recommended only for development)