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Explain the installation procedure in a README file
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+This package uses [Composer][1] to install and maintain
+required PHP libraries as well as the Roundcube framework. The requirements
+are basically the same as for Roundcube so please read the INSTALLATION
+section in the Roundcube framework's [README][2] file.
+1. Install Composer
+Execute this in the project root directory:
+$ curl -s | php
+This will create a file named composer.phar in the project directory.
+2. Install Dependencies
+$ php composer.phar install
+3. Import the Roundcube framework and Kolab plugins
+3.1. Either copy or symlink the Roundcube framework package into lib/Roundcube
+3.2. Either copy or symlink the roundcubemail-plugins-kolab into lib/plugins
+4. Create local config
+4.1. The configuration for this service inherits basic options from the Roundcube
+config. To make that available, smylink the Roundcube config files
+( and into the local config/ directory.
+4.2. Then copy the service-spcific config template:
+$ cp config/ config/
+Edit the local config/ file according to your setup and taste.
+These settings override the default config options from the Roundcube
+5. Give write access for the webserver user to the 'log' folder:
+$ chown <www-user> logs
+6. Configure your webserver to point to the 'public_html' directory of this
+package as document root.
+[2]: \ No newline at end of file