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<h5 class="infoHeader">Downloads</h5>
- <a href="">SyncKolab NIGHTLY 2.0.2</a>
+ <a href="">SyncKolab NIGHTLY 2.0.3</a>
- <a href="">synckolab 2.0.1</a>
+ <a href="">synckolab 2.0.2</a>
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<h2>SyncKolab Nightly</h2>
<p> You can get a nightly build at <a href="">synckolab NIGHTLY</a> (rightclick). </p> Beware that this may easily break all you contacts/calender entries, altough we try to create stable nighlies.<br/> So create a backup of your thunderbird profile folder before trying it out!
- -- no nightly since 2.0.0 yet
+ -- no nightly since 2.0.2 yet
<h2>Status of the Kolab Extension</h2>