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The idea behind this is, that you can now have your contacts+calendar entries stored on the imap server. so you can actually have the same addresses on more than one computer. The kolab project has a groupware server that uses imap to exchange calendar entries and vcards.
+<h2>Server Requirements</h2>
+<li>IMAP server with read/write access</li>
+<li>seperate IMAP directories for adress book/calendar</li>
+<h3>No <a href="">KOLAB</a> server?</h3>
+<p>No. A Kolab server is not required.</p>
+<b>So why call it syncKOLAB?</b>
+Basically because the idea of using imap as central storage comes from the kolab guys.
+<b>What does the kolab server do then?</b>
+1.) Its a full collaboration server with loads of additional feature you know from ie. exchange (like free/busy management, shared folders, invites....)<br/>
+2.) the whole group, right etc. mangement<br>
+loads of other small thngs you would expect a kollaboration server to do :)
+<b>So do I need the kolab server?</b>
+<p>If you want full collaboration in your company/group - YES... if you didnt need it until now and only want to sync your data over multiple maches - or just have a simple shared calendar/adress book with a few buddies - no. you can happily live with just your imap server :)
<h2>SyncKolab Nightly</h2>
You can get a nightly build at <a href="">synckolab NIGHTLY</a> (rightclick).