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synckolab 0.4.30
integrated all patches submitted by Andreas Gungl: 1) fix for a problem when a message has been removed from the server and the message has already been in the internal hash database (In this case the entry in the database hasn't been deleted which lead to problems if the same events have been uploaded again to the server by another client. Because then the events would be deleted again and again by the first client.) 2) fix for dealing with more than one calendar sync settings (some typos or copy & paste errors prevented the settings dialog to be updated correctly) 3) allow parsing of most of the events generated by Toltec Connector (the XML attachments in the message are base64-encoded, so the detection of that encoding and the decoding of base64 is needed) There are still minor problems with the calendar sync, but most of them are hard to reproduce. If anyone has a reproducible test case, please let me know. - also added global variable for debug messages (so it can be configured later)
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