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2008-02-12Reverted part of yesterday fixes. Otherwise the option parsing in the Kolab f...Gunnar Wrobel3-4/+9
2008-02-12Added a unit test for the new privileged network setting.Gunnar Wrobel3-18/+83
2008-02-11Added ChangeLog entries and release-notes for my last check in:Sascha Wilde1-0/+9
2008-02-11kolab/issue2467 (Koab Filter ignores configuration in 2.2 RC1)Gunnar Wrobel7-29/+117
2008-02-11Kolab-Filter: don't reject or rewrite mails from privileged networks.Sascha Wilde1-0/+32
2008-02-06Update some copyright notices for the commits from this year.Gunnar Wrobel1-4/+4
2008-01-30Solves Bos1-1/+1
2007-12-07Fix removal of the empty line between header and body. Added a unit test for ...Gunnar Wrobel4-2/+60
2007-11-29* Filter/Content.php: Default for $local_addr is instead ofThomas Arendsen Hein2-2/+7
2007-11-28 kolab/issue1313 (resmngr cannot create calendar folder in multidomain setup)Gunnar Wrobel4-134/+97
2007-11-28kolab/issue2177 (Better logging in kolabfilter and kolabmailboxfilter)Gunnar Wrobel7-38/+158
2007-11-27Rename Outgoing to Content and make the tests work again.Gunnar Wrobel6-9/+21
2007-11-27kolab/issue2177 (Better logging in kolabfilter and kolabmailboxfilter)Gunnar Wrobel5-33/+17304
2007-11-27Obsolete class.Gunnar Wrobel1-98/+0
2007-11-27The kolab-filter error handler has been fixed. This hopefully gives us a clea...Gunnar Wrobel9-59/+205
2007-11-27Fix all myLog occurences.Gunnar Wrobel7-846/+996
2007-11-27Renamed resmgr.php and olhacks.phpGunnar Wrobel2-0/+1748
2007-11-27Continued fixing of kolab-filter.Gunnar Wrobel5-1894/+227
2007-11-26Restructured Kolab_Filter package with the focus on errorGunnar Wrobel15-390/+1736
2007-10-08Determine connect_addr and use it for connecting to Kolab services.Thomas Arendsen Hein1-1/+2
2007-08-16Update header information.Gunnar Wrobel4-48/+104
2007-08-16Add the draft for the webadmin pear library. Add AUTHORS files to the pear pa...Gunnar Wrobel2-8/+38
2007-08-16Add this test mail. Would need to be converted to a useful unit test.Gunnar Wrobel1-0/+61
2007-08-13Two third of this package are complete but not yet well tested. Versioning ha...Gunnar Wrobel3-14/+102
2007-08-13Patch for compatibility between old and new horde.Gunnar Wrobel1-6/+19
2007-08-13Allow using Text::wrap or String::wrap (compatibility between old and new Hor...Gunnar Wrobel1-19/+30
2007-08-13Nothing in the code uses the Horde base installation or NLS anymore.Gunnar Wrobel2-3/+0
2007-08-08A second PEAR package derived from kolab-resource-handlers/resmgr. Not yet co...Gunnar Wrobel5-0/+2177