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@@ -39,11 +39,17 @@ to build and install packages in /kolab. The command output will
be logged to install-kolab.log so that you have a reference in case
an errors occurs during installation.
+The install script needs to be able to write in the current working
+directory, so if you want to keep this directory clean or install
+install packages from a read-only location (e.g. CD-ROM), you can create
+a new directory and pass the path to the packages to the script using
+the -i option:
+# /path/to/packages/ -H -F -i /path/to/packages
If you do not want to install the Horde groupware client and/or the
free/busy view tool, you can drop the flag "-H" and/or "-F".
-FIXME: document install from read-only location (e.g. cdrom)
By default, the Kolab server will now be started at boottime, so you
have to bootstrap the server configuration now to prevent unconfigured
components from being started.