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authorGunnar Wrobel <>2008-09-11 15:15:01 (GMT)
committerGunnar Wrobel <>2008-09-11 15:15:01 (GMT)
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Hm, there are obviously parts in the OpenPKG build script that I do not fully understand. Revert the spl change for now and let's hope the full build will work later. If there are conflicting requirements the -D php::with_spl might also be added to
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diff --git a/php-kolab/Kolab_Format/Kolab_Format.spec b/php-kolab/Kolab_Format/Kolab_Format.spec
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--- a/php-kolab/Kolab_Format/Kolab_Format.spec
+++ b/php-kolab/Kolab_Format/Kolab_Format.spec
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ BuildPreReq: OpenPKG, openpkg >= 20070603
BuildPreReq: php, php::with_pear = yes
BuildPreReq: PEAR-Horde-Channel
PreReq: OpenPKG, openpkg >= 20070603
-PreReq: php, php::with_pear = yes, php::with_spl = yes
+PreReq: php, php::with_pear = yes
PreReq: Horde_DOM
PreReq: Horde_NLS
PreReq: Horde_Util