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Martin Konold: Fix issue #1263 with inconsistent name of attribute kolabFolderType (THX to Gunnar Wrobel!)
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Patches maintained here:
imapd.annotate.patch: Allow for custom annotation.
-imapd.group2.patch: Patch based on OpenPKG Patch: compare groupnames case insentively
+imapd.group2.patch: Patch based on OpenPKG Patch: compare groupnames case insensitively
imapd-murder.patch: Patch to the OpenPKG specfile: build with murder
kolab-ldap.patch: Patch to support virtdomains: ldap (parse domain from "email" field an LDAP user entry)
kolab.patch: Patch to the OpenPKG specfile