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+Kolab Integration Plugin README
+This plugin relies on classes from the Horde project. In order to have all
+the required files available you need to install the following packages from
+ Horde_Framework
+ Kolab_Format
+ Kolab_Storage
+ Horde_NLS
+ Horde_DOM
+Get Horde3 framework from and put Horde directory
+somewhere in include path. Install PEAR packages:
+pear install Net_Socket
+pear install Net_LDAP2
+pear install Net_IMAP
+pear install Net_DNS2
+pear install Net_SMTP
+pear install Mail_mimeDecode
+pear install Auth_SASL
+pear install Date
+pear install HTTP_Request
+Rename the to within this plugin directory
+and add the corresponding values for your local Kolab server.