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$rcmail_config -> $config
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--- a/plugins/kolab_delegation/
+++ b/plugins/kolab_delegation/
@@ -2,27 +2,27 @@
// This will overwrite defined LDAP filter
// Note: LDAP addressbook defined for kolab_auth plugin is used
-$rcmail_config['kolab_delegation_filter'] = '(objectClass=kolabInetOrgPerson)';
+$config['kolab_delegation_filter'] = '(objectClass=kolabInetOrgPerson)';
// Delegates field (from fieldmap configuration) to get delegates list
// Note: This is a field name, not LDAP attribute name
// Note: LDAP addressbook defined for kolab_auth plugin is used
-$rcmail_config['kolab_delegation_delegate_field'] = 'kolabDelegate';
+$config['kolab_delegation_delegate_field'] = 'kolabDelegate';
// User authentication ID field (from fieldmap configuration)
// See kolab_auth plugin config
-$rcmail_config['kolab_delegation_login_field'] = 'email';
+$config['kolab_delegation_login_field'] = 'email';
// Use this fields (from fieldmap configuration) for identities
// If the value array contains more than one field, first non-empty will be used
// Note: These aren't LDAP attributes, but field names in config
// Note: If there's more than one email address, as many identities will be created
// See kolab_auth plugin config
-$rcmail_config['kolab_delegation_name_field'] = array('name', 'cn');
-$rcmail_config['kolab_delegation_email_field'] = array('email');
+$config['kolab_delegation_name_field'] = array('name', 'cn');
+$config['kolab_delegation_email_field'] = array('email');
// Remove all user identities which do not match the user's primary or alias
// addresses and delegator's addresses
-$rcmail_config['kolab_delegation_purge_identities'] = false;
+$config['kolab_delegation_purge_identities'] = false;