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2012-01-01- Year++Felipe Pena6-6/+6
2011-11-03Fixed bug #60206 (possible integer overflow in content_length)Xinchen Hui1-1/+1
2011-06-10Fix Apache1 buildRasmus Lerdorf1-0/+1
2011-06-06- Added new parameter parsing option (p - for valid path (string without ↵Felipe Pena1-1/+1
null byte in the middle)) # The tests will be fixed in the next commits
2011-01-01- Year++Felipe Pena6-6/+6
2010-11-06Updated _SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'] to include microsecond precision.Ilia Alshanetsky1-2/+2
2010-08-18Pass the TSRMS pointers to sapi_module_struct.log_message, this saves some ↵Kalle Sommer Nielsen1-3/+1
TSRMLS_FETCH() calls in a few of our SAPI's
2010-05-31* implement new output API, fixing some bugs and implementing some feature Michael Wallner2-2/+2
requests--let's see what I can dig out of the bugtracker for NEWS-- and while crossing the road: * implemented new zlib API * fixed up ext/tidy (what was "s&" in zend_parse_parameters() supposed to do?) Thanks to Jani and Felipe for pioneering.
2010-04-28revert change #298288: Remove old dsp/dsw/makefile filesRob Richards1-0/+151
2010-04-26Removed safe_modeKalle Sommer Nielsen2-10/+3
* Removed ini options, safe_mode* * Removed --enable-safe-mode --with-exec-dir configure options on Unix * Updated extensions, SAPI's and core * php_get_current_user() is now declared in main.c, thrus no need to include safe_mode.h anymore
2010-04-21Remove old dsp/dsw/makefile files, these arent used by the build system ↵Kalle Sommer Nielsen1-151/+0
anymore and are barely updated nor available for all extensions
2010-04-21Removed register_globalsKalle Sommer Nielsen1-3/+0
2010-04-13Remove a couple TSRMLS_FETCH() calls around ext/main/sapiKalle Sommer Nielsen1-2/+2
2010-03-12- Reverted r296062 and r296065Jani Taskinen4-66/+70
2010-03-11MFH: Improved / fixed output buffering (Michael Wallner)Jani Taskinen4-70/+66
2010-02-05Fix bug #50940Rasmus Lerdorf1-0/+2
2010-01-03sed -i "s#1997-2009#1997-2010#g" **/*.c **/*.h **/*.phpSebastian Bergmann6-6/+6
2009-01-05MFB: Improved parameter handlingIlia Alshanetsky1-4/+3
2008-12-31MFH: Bump copyright year, 3 of 3.Sebastian Bergmann6-6/+6
2008-11-29MFB: init server context before config variables are processedStanislav Malyshev1-2/+2
2008-11-24MFB: fix php_value application order for ApacheStanislav Malyshev1-6/+6
2008-11-17- MFH: Added 'static' into ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO_EX macroFelipe Pena1-10/+0
2008-11-13Added header_remove() (chsc at peytz dotdk, Arnaud)Arnaud Le Blanc1-25/+38
[DOC] proto void header_remove([string header_name]) Removes an HTTP header previously set using header() The header_name parameter is optionnal, all headers are removed if it is not set [SAPIs] The header_handler callback in sapi_module_struct has been changed, it now take a new argument. When it is set to SAPI_HEADER_DELETE, sapi_header->header is the name of an header, header_handler has to delete it. When it is set to SAPI_HEADER_DELETE_ALL, header_handler has to delete all headers. When sapi_header_op_enum is SAPI_HEADER_ADD or _REPLACE, sapi_header->header is in the form "Name: value", header_handler has to add or replace the given header. In all cases, header_handler must not free sapi_header or sapi_header->header. SAPI_HEADER_ADD must be returned if the header has been added or replaced, or 0 in other cases.
2008-11-02- Revert ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO changeFelipe Pena1-0/+10
2008-10-24- MFH: Added 'static' into ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO_EX macroFelipe Pena1-10/+0
2008-07-20- Added arginfoFelipe Pena1-11/+60
2008-07-01long -> int + minor sources reorganizationAntony Dovgal1-50/+51
2008-06-28fixed types (no more compiler warnings)Alexey Zakhlestin1-2/+2
2008-06-28updated to the new parameter-parsing apiAlexey Zakhlestin1-62/+69
2008-06-01Fixed bug #45144 (ap_child_terminate() isn't available on threaded builds)Scott MacVicar1-0/+2
2008-04-15These are really old config.w32 files - now they use PHP_PHP_BUILD correctly ↵Elizabeth Marie Smith1-2/+2
instead of hard coding the path to the libraries
2008-03-18exit_on_timeout patchRasmus Lerdorf1-0/+9
After the sigsetjmp change, this is patch #2 in an effort to get some sanity restored to signal handling in PHP. This patch does two things. First, it makes it possible to reset the timeout without resetting the signal handlers. This is important for cases where an extension may have deferred signals in its MINIT in order to implement critical sections. It also lays the groundwork for cleaning up our signal handling and perhaps eventually implementing our own signal deferring mechanism so we can have true critical sections. The second thing this does is to make it possible to terminate the current child process (only for Apache1 at the moment) on a timeout. There are a number of extensions that are unhappy about being longjmp'ed out of and when this happens on a timeout they are left in an inconsistent state. By turning on exit_on_timeout you can now force the process to terminate on a timeout which will clean up any hanging locks and/or memory left hanging after the longjmp.
2008-03-17RevertRasmus Lerdorf1-6/+7
Never mind, it looks like ext/filter does an estrdup on everything it gets which doesn't seem very efficient to me as most things it gets passed will already be emalloc'ed. My custom version of the filter extension doesn't do this which led to the confusion.
2008-03-17We need to pass PHP-managed pointers to filter here to avoid havingRasmus Lerdorf1-7/+6
emalloc'ed data assigned to things like r->uri and having it get efree()'ed on request shutdown which then means that if the Apache logging module tries to log r->uri it would be reading from free'ed memory. So a simple estrdup before the filter call takes care of that.
2008-03-16- Rewrite scanner to be based on re2c instead of flexMarcus Boerger1-8/+0
The full patch is available as: This is against php-re2c repository version 98 An older patch against version 97 is available under:
2008-01-30Improved PHP binary size and startup speed with GCC4 visibility control (Nuno)Dmitry Stogov1-0/+6
2007-12-31MFH: Bump copyright year, 2 of 2.Sebastian Bergmann6-6/+6
2007-10-05MFH:- Moved the old regex functions to own extension: eregJani Taskinen1-1/+1
2007-09-27Improved memory usage by movig constants to read only memory. (Dmitry, Pierre)Dmitry Stogov1-1/+1
2007-09-07MFH:- Fixed bug #42579 (apache_reset_timeout() does not exist)Jani Taskinen1-2/+3
2007-08-06fix buildAntony Dovgal1-1/+1
2007-08-03- ws + sync apache2filter apache_config.c with the one from apache2handlerJani Taskinen1-4/+4
2007-08-03implement separate .htaccess stageStanislav Malyshev1-1/+3
2007-07-11MFH: - Changed AC_ARG_* options to PHP_ARG_* options.Jani Taskinen1-121/+111
MFH: - Some cleanups here and there MFH: - Enabled PHP_CHECK_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS (checks for unknown configure MFH: options) # Note to Marcus: ext/dba/config.m4 needs to be "converted" to use # the PHP_ARG_* options. I did't touch it needs quite a lot of work to keep # it's current behaviour regarding "enabled-by-default" parts of it. # # Hint: By using the PHP_ARG_* options you have the "default" option.. ;)
2007-06-18Fixed bug #41628 (PHP settings leak between Virtual Hosts in Apache 1.3).Scott MacVicar1-3/+9
2007-06-03MFH:- Fixed bug #41576 (misbehaviour when using --without-apxs)foobar1-43/+50
2007-02-24- Avoid sprintf, even when checked copy'n'paste or changes lead to errorsMarcus Boerger1-4/+4
2007-02-23use snprintfStanislav Malyshev1-2/+2
2007-01-01MFH: Bump year.Sebastian Bergmann6-6/+6
2006-12-28MFHAntony Dovgal1-2/+2