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2005-02-15- Applied some patches to fix issues with e.g. ia_64 and s390foobar1-53/+99
2002-11-14upgrade files to libtool 1.4.3 shipped onesSascha Schumann1-31/+69
# should be safe to upgrade these to the 1.5.x ones
2002-07-04Upgrade to the version shipped with automake-1.6.2Sascha Schumann1-128/+136
2002-06-29- Upgrade bundled libtool to 1.4.2. Following stuff mentioned at:foobar1-57/+66 * Diagnose and warn about not-quite-working combinations of gcc and ld on Solaris. * Improved OpenBSD support. * Improved cygwin support. * Bugfixes.
2001-11-18Fixed bug: #14014.foobar1-205/+142
2001-05-06Upgrade to libtool 1.4.Sascha Schumann1-233/+421
2000-06-11Upgrade to Libtool 1.3.5.Sascha Schumann1-83/+145
2000-06-09This seems to be a valid report, can't hurt anyway (PR 4252)Zeev Suraski1-1/+1
2000-02-11backed out some stuff that got committed by accident & broke things:(!Thies C. Arntzen1-30/+64
uwe: please read twice what you are commiting!
2000-02-09- removed stupid leftover in testdomUwe Steinmann1-64/+30
- added more functions to domxml
1999-12-22Fix ltconfig, ltmain.shSascha Schumann1-31/+64
Update config.sub, config.guess from libtool-1.3.4
1999-12-17More php3_ annihilationZeev Suraski1-6/+7
1999-11-26Undo previous bogus commitZeev Suraski1-7/+6
1999-11-26*** empty log message ***Zeev Suraski1-6/+7
1999-11-09Add libtool helper filesSascha Schumann1-0/+1087
1999-07-23generated and not required by windowsStig Bakken1-997/+0
1999-07-21First cut at standard way of making dynamically loadable extensions on UNIX.Stig Bakken1-69/+323
Examples on how to test: ./configure --with-xml static ./configure --with-xml=/opt static ./configure --with-xml=shared shared ./configure --with-xml=shared,/opt shared The difference between these two is that when the extension is shared, it is not merged into libphpext.a. The shared extension is currently always built. I can't find a way to do just one or the other with automake/libtool, if someone has a clever idea, please come forward. :-) "make install" installs the .so (as well as a lot of other cruft) in $prefix/lib/php.
1999-04-07PHP 4.0Zeev Suraski1-0/+743