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2000-06-08Wipe out and rewrite some checks to use PHP_ARG_ENABLE.Sascha Schumann1-125/+1
2000-05-18added new option "--enable-sigchild" (default is off)Thies C. Arntzen1-0/+3
when using this option php will setup it's own SIGCHLD handler. when using oracle-libraries >= 8.1 on linux you need this option if you are connecting using the BEQ interface - elsewise you will see <defunc> processes whenever a php-script disconnects from oracle.
2000-03-11Nuke DEBUG.Andrei Zmievski1-4/+0
2000-02-26- Convert 'PHP3' to 'PHP'Zeev Suraski1-1/+1
- Avoid declaring crypt() related salt types twice
2000-02-10SAPIfication, Episode VI: Return of the SAPIZeev Suraski1-3/+0
Remove mostly all references to APACHE and CGI_BINARY from the code. - Apache include files are no longer included by any PHP code, except for the Apache SAPI module. - No server specific code is in any of the base PHP code. Still left to be done: - Eliminate any references to APACHE from the few remaining modules. - Move request_info.c's logic to SAPI - Modify the regex function names, and globals, so that we can always include them, without having to fear any interference with Apache; Always use the bundled regex library
2000-01-12Full gear backwards. We still need for additional acconfig.hSascha Schumann1-0/+129
files (from TSRM/Zend). became superflicious when we removed the config.h.stubs.Sascha Schumann1-127/+0
Let's get rid of it.
2000-01-01Declare timezone only, if the system fails to do so.Sascha Schumann1-2/+0
1999-12-19Fix broken sprintf handling in PHPSascha Schumann1-1/+5
1999-12-19Use zend_sprintf by default (which is defined to sprintf, if the system'sSascha Schumann1-3/+2
sprintf is useable).
1999-12-03Fix for #2909Sascha Schumann1-0/+2
1999-11-24- add PHP_BUILD_THREAD_SAFESascha Schumann1-2/+0
- move #undef HAVE_AOLSERVER into its own config.h.stub
1999-11-24Moved HAVE_ROXEN to sapi/roxen/config.h.stubDavid Hedbor1-1/+0
1999-11-23Added HAVE_ROXEN for the Roxen sapi moduleDavid Hedbor1-0/+1
1999-09-29Decent configure speedup. Makefiles are now generated only for theStig Bakken1-0/+2
extensions you are including. Got rid of Moved the last Apache-specific files into sapi/apache and made both static and DSO build work again (it still doesn't run properly).
1999-09-28Started working on the Zeus support. Zeus's ISAPI obviously differs fromStig Bakken1-0/+4
Windows's, does someone have docs for the Windows API?
1999-09-25 Initial AOLserver support. Note that the current way of creatingSascha Schumann1-0/+2
the shared library works only with GNU utilities. Some features have to be added yet (i.e. POST and cookie support).
1999-07-25final php3.ini -> php.ini renaming?Stig Bakken1-1/+1
1999-07-17Remove MEMORY_LIMIT from PHP, it's a Zend issue...Zeev Suraski1-3/+0
1999-06-26add dmallocSascha Schumann1-0/+2
1999-06-16* fixed some #if/#ifdef issuesStig Bakken1-10/+4
* hand-patched in php3 changes from 3.0.6 to HEAD in these files: fopen-wrappers.[ch] ext/standard/file.[ch] ext/standard/fsock.[ch] ext/standard/php3_string.h ext/standard/string.c * added some new file/socket macros for more readable code: FP_FGETS(buf,len,sock,fp,issock) FP_FREAD(buf,len,sock,fp,issock) FP_FEOF(sock,fp,issock) FP_FGETC(sock,fp,issock)
1999-05-04ZTS fixesZeev Suraski1-1/+1
Stig - --enable-thread-safety belongs in libzend, since libzend doesn't #include config.h, whereas PHP does #include zend_config.h
1999-05-03* added --enable-thread-safety switchStig Bakken1-0/+3
* now generating internal_functions.c
1999-04-25Ok, this beast compiles via --with-apxsRasmus Lerdorf1-0/+3
Not sure if it actually works yet though. I have a feeling there are some -fpic flags missing in the libzend build. Will test later on today.
1999-04-24Oops, would be a good idea to edit the .in file instead of acconfig.hRasmus Lerdorf1-0/+3
1999-04-24port from PHP3Sascha Schumann1-0/+3
1999-04-22Bring imap build rules up to date. We still have a problem here though.Rasmus Lerdorf1-0/+3
In this new build structure we are adding libraries to $LIBS as we add modules instead of doing an AC_SUBST into the Makefile. One reason for doing the subst in php3 was to get around the libraries that could not be included in $LIBS because doing so would mess up the various configure tests. For example, you can't do a -limap as part of the various simple configure compile programs because -limap requires a bunch of callback symbols to be present.
1999-04-22last bunch of extensions moving to ext/Stig Bakken1-65/+0
fhttpd module taken out of functions, functions is ready to go. The only extensions I have tested are gd+freetype and odbc(solid). Please try compiling in your favourite extensions and let me know how it works.
1999-04-22moved imap and ldapStig Bakken1-9/+0
1999-04-22moved fdf, hyperwave, informix and some smaller filesStig Bakken1-3/+0
1999-04-21moved dbStig Bakken1-6/+0
1999-04-21moved bcmathStig Bakken1-3/+0
1999-04-21moved apache, com and hyperwave into ext/Stig Bakken1-3/+0
1999-04-21moved dav, msql and oracle to ext/Stig Bakken1-15/+0
1999-04-21moved filepro to extStig Bakken1-1/+0
1999-04-21moving mysql to ext/Stig Bakken1-4/+0
1999-04-20odbc compiles and runs on UNIX again (tested with Solid 2.3)Stig Bakken1-52/+10
1999-04-19generate acconfig.h from and ext/*/config.h.stubStig Bakken1-0/+261