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2005-03-20MergeZeev Suraski1-2/+2
2005-03-17Revert bad fixfoobar2-2/+2
2005-03-16Fix Jani breakageRasmus Lerdorf2-2/+2
2005-02-27Add a comment to remind me to have a look at this at some point.Rasmus Lerdorf1-1/+1
2005-02-24- cross-compile fixfoobar1-1/+9
2005-02-22NetWare can use Autoconf based build system.Anantha Kesari H Y1-11/+0
2005-02-21NetWare LibC has lstat implementationAnantha Kesari H Y1-2/+2
2005-02-21NetWare can make use of autogenerated config header fileAnantha Kesari H Y1-2/+0
2005-02-21NetWare has pthreads implementationAnantha Kesari H Y1-22/+0
2005-02-21NetWare can use the tsrm_config.hAnantha Kesari H Y1-1/+1
2005-02-21NetWare LibC has a lstat implementationAnantha Kesari H Y1-1/+1
2005-02-01NetWare has a compliant pthread implementationAnantha Kesari H Y1-14/+0
2005-01-15finally use what we calculatedStefan Esser1-1/+1
2005-01-09- Fix outside-source-tree builds. Always include generated header filesfoobar2-2/+2
with #include <some_header.h> to make sure the correct file is used.
2005-01-08Unnecesary check was removedDmitry Stogov1-1/+1
2004-12-30MFB_4_3: Quote macro names in AC_DEFUN()foobar3-11/+11
2004-12-02Fixed: virtual_popen in ZTS modeStefan Esser1-4/+28
2004-12-02Partly reverted because of problems with some realpath() implementationsStefan Esser1-2/+4
2004-12-01Fixed behaviour of TSRM in case of realpath() failureStefan Esser1-7/+22
2004-10-08removed redundant CLIB_STAT_PATCH checks. defined the IS_ABSOLUTE_PATH ↵Anantha Kesari H Y1-6/+3
macros to suit the NetWare filesystem convention
2004-10-08removed redundant NEW_LIBC checks and added the code to recognize the file ↵Anantha Kesari H Y1-35/+13
naming convention in NetWare(supports Windows based drive names like sys: data: and unix like / (sys: being root)
2004-10-06Fixed compiler warning.Ilia Alshanetsky1-0/+1
2004-10-05- Apply realpath() cache patch. We don't use it if we're in safe_mode andAndi Gutmans2-17/+163
- friends (which are quite slow anyway). - If it proves to be stable I'll remove the #ifdef's in a few weeks.
2004-07-15Apply the fixMarcus Boerger1-10/+0
2004-05-23- Fix typo although it isn't being builtAndi Gutmans1-1/+1
2004-05-13- Once ts_free_id() will be used, we cannot call ctors for deleted idsMarcus Boerger1-3/+10
when creating new threads.
2004-05-12- More work on ts_free_id() but still keep it outMarcus Boerger1-4/+11
2004-05-12ifdef out the ts_free_id until php 5.1 and until it is completeMarcus Boerger1-0/+4
2004-05-12- Implement ts_free_id()Marcus Boerger1-11/+32
2004-03-30Disabled calling dtors on tsrm_shutdown - calling dtors in tsrm_shutdown makesStanislav Malyshev1-0/+8
modules registering TSRM ids to crash, if they have dtors, since the module is unloaded before tsrm_shutdown is called. Can be re-enabled after tsrm_free_id is implemented.
2004-03-09Fixed define.Ilia Alshanetsky1-0/+1
2004-03-09Fixed bug #27338 (memory leak inside tsrm_virtual_cwd.c on win32).Ilia Alshanetsky1-2/+7
2004-01-08- Happy new year and PHP 5 for rest of the files too..foobar3-6/+6
# Should the LICENSE and Zend/LICENSE dates be updated too?
2004-01-08- A belated happy holidays and PHP 5Andi Gutmans3-6/+6
2003-12-22It seems that making the NewAPIs.h header globally visible causesWez Furlong3-9/+5
problems when compiling the com_dotnet extension, so I'm moving it to be visible only to the VCWD code. Thanks Frank :-)
2003-12-22Fix bug #26692; Could not find GetLongPathNameA under NT4.Wez Furlong3-0/+20
This fix relies on you having the Platform SDK headers. Using the new build system, the NewAPIs.h header will be detected automatically, however, for people building using .dsp files, you will need to add /DHAVE_NEWAPIS_H=1 to the TSRM project if you have those newer headers.
2003-12-14Removed doubled loop from wrongly applied patchMarcus Boerger1-5/+0
2003-12-14Fix from Michael Sisolak (destructors weren't always properly called)Zeev Suraski1-1/+6
2003-12-05fix uninitialized variableWez Furlong1-1/+1
2003-12-05Fix for the problem I posted to internals@.Sebastian Bergmann1-3/+0
2003-12-04Fix Andi's GetLongPathName code so that virtual_file_ex doesn'tWez Furlong1-4/+7
fail if the file does not exist.
2003-12-03Explicitly include this header for SHFILEINFO.Wez Furlong1-0/+1
# no need to MFH
2003-12-02- Uncomment my code which improves Windows behavior of TSRM file paths.Andi Gutmans1-1/+1
- This will now not work on Windows 95 anymore.
2003-12-01- Fix indentationAndi Gutmans1-5/+6
2003-10-30- Don't fix include_once() case sensitivity problem for beta 2.Andi Gutmans1-1/+1
- I suggest discussing to stop supporting win95 and NT 4 in our binary - distributions and change the code to #ifdef.
2003-10-29- This should work.Andi Gutmans1-3/+8
2003-10-29- Allow for case-insensitivity of include_once()/require_once() onAndi Gutmans1-0/+18
- Windows
2003-10-03Aligned configure help texts.foobar1-2/+3
2003-09-30MF4: Have realpath nowStanislav Malyshev1-0/+1
2003-09-30MF4: add realpath function for win32Stanislav Malyshev2-1/+11