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2004-02-08- Change from PHP5 -> PHP 5Andi Gutmans1-1/+1
2004-01-17- Renamed all *php4* files to *php5*, changed all php4/PHP4 to php5/PHP5foobar1-1/+1
2003-03-05Update build instructions for Zeus web serverBen Mansell1-24/+10
2001-03-19Altered README.Zeus to give instructions on building FastCGI.Ben Mansell1-122/+91
Changed --with-zeus configure option into --with-isapi, since its more descriptive (and since there are now different ways to configure PHP+Zeus)
2001-01-24Added 'you must use gcc' comment to build instructions.Ben Mansell1-0/+2
2001-01-16@ Support Zeus 3.3.8Ben Mansell1-1/+3
Added changes to environment variable manipulations, to support Zeus 3.3.8 and increase compatibility between Zeus/IIS/Apache. Now, URLs like work correctly. # While testing, it looks like IIS+ISAPI is mishandling URLs like the above. # The PATH_TRANSLATED given by ISAPI includes the /a/b/c/d bit of the URL, # so using this var to find the script file to open on disk will not work. # We now use SCRIPT_FILENAME if it is present (in Zeus 3.3.8) # IIS doesn't seem to set this variable, it might be necessary to mangle # SCRIPT_NAME and APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH together?
2000-11-10Further updates to README.ZeusBen Mansell1-0/+7
# Using LD_RUN_PATH to let the library find other libraries. # Surely there should be a better way, using -rpath? However, libtool # seems to swallow any extra -rpath options given to the compiler.
2000-11-03Added extra help with library issues, and some performance tuning tipsBen Mansell1-2/+46
2000-07-17Minor adjustments to compile-adviceBen Mansell1-0/+3
2000-05-30Updated help section with some more compile problems & solutionsBen Mansell1-1/+13
2000-05-02Updated build advice for different platformsBen Mansell1-8/+4
2000-04-12@- Zeus Webserver support (version 3.3.6+) for ISAPIBen Mansell1-0/+91