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@@ -716,14 +716,6 @@ CGI environment and recommended modifications in php.ini
the web server not from the administration server. Use the command
line as root user and start it manually - you will see there are no
CGI-like environment variables.
- Simply change your scripts to get CGI variables in the correct way for
- PHP 4.x by using the superglobal $_SERVER. If you have older scripts
- which use $HTTP_HOST, etc., you should turn on register_globals in
- php.ini and change the variable order too (important: remove "E" from
- it, because you do not need the environment here):
-variables_order = "GPCS"
-register_globals = On
Special use for error pages or self-made directory listings (PHP >= 4.3.3)
@@ -1532,7 +1524,7 @@ The configuration file
; Boolean values can be set to either:
; true, on, yes
; or false, off, no, none
-register_globals = off
+html_errors = off
track_errors = yes
; you can enclose strings in double-quotes