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authorWez Furlong <>2005-02-06 23:17:09 (GMT)
committerWez Furlong <>2005-02-06 23:17:09 (GMT)
commit056907890104b24db46fda321ee9ae2f6a717f05 (patch)
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parent1069cefadae79167c893479de46024fc44f2baf0 (diff)
Avoid bug where stream_copy_to_stream() call for precisely 2000000 bytes would
result in entire resource being copied. The mmap brake is already present inside mmap_range() and is set to 1MB.
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/main/php_streams.h b/main/php_streams.h
index dae1fce..36a0221 100755
--- a/main/php_streams.h
+++ b/main/php_streams.h
@@ -407,10 +407,8 @@ END_EXTERN_C()
#define PHP_STREAM_OPTION_RETURN_NOTIMPL -2 /* underlying stream does not implement; streams can handle it instead */
/* copy up to maxlen bytes from src to dest. If maxlen is PHP_STREAM_COPY_ALL, copy until eof(src).
- * Uses mmap if the src is a plain file and at offset 0
- * To ensure we don't take up too much memory when reading large files, set the default mmap length
- * at this many bytes */
-#define PHP_STREAM_COPY_ALL 2000000
+ * Uses mmap if the src is a plain file and at offset 0 */
+#define PHP_STREAM_COPY_ALL ((size_t)-1)
PHPAPI size_t _php_stream_copy_to_stream(php_stream *src, php_stream *dest, size_t maxlen STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);