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new tests for zlib extension, tested on windows, linux and linux64
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+Test function gzseek() by calling it with SEEK_SET when writing
+if (!extension_loaded("zlib")) {
+ print "skip - ZLIB extension not loaded";
+$f = "temp3.txt.gz";
+$h = gzopen($f, 'w');
+$str1 = "This is the first line.";
+$str2 = "This is the second line.";
+gzwrite($h, $str1);
+echo "tell=".gztell($h)."\n";
+//seek forwards 20 bytes.
+gzseek($h, strlen($str1) + 20, SEEK_SET);
+echo "tell=".gztell($h)."\n";
+gzwrite($h, $str2);
+echo "tell=".gztell($h)."\n";
+echo "\nreading the output file\n";
+$h = gzopen($f, 'r');
+echo gzread($h, strlen($str1))."\n";
+echo var_dump(bin2hex(gzread($h, 20)));
+echo gzread($h, strlen($str2))."\n";
+reading the output file
+This is the first line.
+string(40) "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
+This is the second line.
+===DONE=== \ No newline at end of file