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authorRasmus Lerdorf <>1999-04-25 14:10:23 (GMT)
committerRasmus Lerdorf <>1999-04-25 14:10:23 (GMT)
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Ok, this beast compiles via --with-apxs
Not sure if it actually works yet though. I have a feeling there are some -fpic flags missing in the libzend build. Will test later on today.
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@@ -37,6 +37,9 @@
/* Define if you have the bind library (-lbind). */
#define HAVE_LIBBIND 0
+/* Define if you have Netscape LDAP instead of umich ldap or openldap*/
+#define HAVE_NSLDAP 0
/* Define if you want safe mode enabled by default. */
#define PHP_SAFE_MODE 0