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Bring imap build rules up to date. We still have a problem here though.
In this new build structure we are adding libraries to $LIBS as we add modules instead of doing an AC_SUBST into the Makefile. One reason for doing the subst in php3 was to get around the libraries that could not be included in $LIBS because doing so would mess up the various configure tests. For example, you can't do a -limap as part of the various simple configure compile programs because -limap requires a bunch of callback symbols to be present.
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@@ -28,6 +28,9 @@
/* Define if you have the resolv library (-lresolv). */
+/* Define if you have the pam library (-lpam). */
+#define HAVE_LIBPAM 0
/* Define if you want safe mode enabled by default. */
#define PHP_SAFE_MODE 0