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Updated help section with some more compile problems & solutions
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+*) Why does the compile fail at Zend/
+ or Zend/zend-parser.c ?
+These source files are auto-generated from the corresponding .y files.
+The default distribution of PHP contains pre-generated versions of these
+files that have caused problems for some people. The simplest solution is
+to delete the files. They will then be rebuilt correctly. You must have the
+following GNU tools to do this:
+ bison 1.28 or later
+ flex 2.5.4 or later
*) Why does my PHP library fail to load?
-After configuring Zeus, if you get a '502 Bad Gatway' error when
+After configuring Zeus, if you get a '502 Bad Gateway' error when
accessing a PHP page, there are problems loading the PHP
library. Check the error log ($ZEUSHOME/web/log/errors) for errors.