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Now that it has matured somewhat, don't discourage questions about it
quite so strongly. Add note about snapshot building. # If you are building "official" snapshots, you need Edin's treasure-trove # of libraries/headers and the snapshot template
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@@ -2,11 +2,8 @@ The Win32 Build System.
Wez Furlong <>
-NB: Please don't mail me asking for help on this, unless
-you are a Core PHP developer, or you are prepared to donate
-some money via paypal or buy me something from my wishlist.
-Thanks :-)
+If you need help with the build system, send mail to; please don't email me directly.
@@ -18,6 +15,7 @@ Contents:
e. Building
f. Cleaning up
g. Running the test suite
+ h. snapshot building
2. How to write config.w32 files
x. to be written.
@@ -28,9 +26,8 @@ a. Requirements
You need:
- Windows Scripting Host (cscript.exe)
- - Microsoft Build Tools from either:
+ - Microsoft Build Tools from:
Microsoft Visual Studio (VC6) or later
- Microsoft Platform SDK
You also need:
- bindlib_w32 []
@@ -159,5 +156,19 @@ g. Running the test suite
sqlite test suite only, you would type
"nmake /D TESTS=ext/sqlite/tests test"
+h. Snapshot Building
+ If you want to set up an automated build that will tolerate
+ breakages in some of the modules, you can use the
+ --enable-snapshot-build configure option to generate a
+ makefile optimized for that purpose. A snapshot build will
+ switch the argument parser so that the default option for
+ configure switches that your don't specify will be set
+ to "shared". The effect of this is to turn on all options
+ unless you explicitly disable them. When you have configured
+ your snapshot build, you can use "nmake build-snap" to build
+ everything, ignoring build errors in individual extensions
+ or SAPI.