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Update the license with the new clause 6
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- The PHP License, version 2.01
+ The PHP License, version 2.02
Copyright (c) 1999, 2000 The PHP Group. All rights reserved.
@@ -37,12 +37,17 @@ are met:
"This product includes PHP, freely available from".
- 6. Permission to freely distribute and use Zend as an integrated
- part of PHP is granted, under the conditions of version 0.92
- of the Zend License.
- The license is bundled with the Zend engine, and is available
- at, or by contacting
+ 6. The software incorporates the Zend Engine, a product of Zend
+ Technologies, Ltd. ("Zend"). Zend Engine is licensed to the
+ PHP Association (pursuant to a grant from Zend that can be
+ found at for
+ distribution to you under this license agreement, only as a
+ part of PHP. In the event that you separate the Zend Engine
+ (or any portion thereof) from the rest of the software, or
+ modify the Zend Engine, or any portion thereof, your use of
+ the separated or modified Zend Engine software shall not be
+ governed by this license, and instead shall be governed by
+ the license set forth at